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Skin Care - Steps to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

In addition to avoiding things that damage your skin, below are steps you should include in your schedule to care for your skin to give it a youthful appearance and a healthy glow. Think of it as your Fountain of Youth program for your face and skin.

Clean Skin Wash your face thoroughly but gently using a cleansing cream or foam depending on your skin type.
Exfoliation Remove dead skin to give your face a fresher look and remove fine lines.
Moisturize Face Use a moisturizer on the face, neck and hands along with sunscreen since these are the areas most often exposed to the sun.
Massage Face Massaging your face promotes blood flow to the skin cells giving them needed oxygen to rebuild and replace dead cells.
Exercise Exercise, like massage increases blood flow to help rebuild skin cells as well as other cells throughout the body.
Healthy Diet A healthy diet supplies the vitamins and nutrition needed to rebuild skin cells and keep the skin looking healthy.
Stay Hydrated Water keeps the skin from becoming dried out. Be sure to refrain from getting fluids from caffeinated drinks since they tend to dehydrate the skin.

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