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Weight Training

Weight training can be a great way to get in shape and when used in conjunction with walking or jogging, can promote overall body health. Some people start weight training, but then soon stop because they find themselves gaining weight. This is natural because you are adding muscle, which is much denser than fat. In the long run though, you will start burning off that fat, because muscle acts like little factories in your body, burning up extra calories, even when at rest!

In addition to improving your appearance, weight training will also strengthen your body, leading to less chance of injuries. You should however be sure to exercise all your major muscle groups so that your body stays in balance. Overworking one area could lead to injuries in another area that is not up to the strength of your developed area.

With weight training you can set a goal to pump yourself up or to build strength. How you set your program up will determine which results you will get. Below are some guidelines to help you meet your goals.

Lower for bulk, higher for strength and health
  • 1-2 for hulk size
  • 6-9 for bulk
  • 9-15 for health

The amount of weight should be such that you can just barely finish the last rep, but make sure not to exceed what you can safely handle.

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